31 Jan

    Kramnik Anuncia Aposentadoria

    Vladimir Kramnik Se Aposenta Do Xadrez O ex-campeão mundial, Vladimir Kramnik, anunciou a aposentadoria dos tabuleiros após o torneio Tata Steel, realizado na Holanda, entre os dias 12 a 27 de janeiro. No auge dos seus 43 anos, Kramnik foi o último colocado entre os 14 participantes, com 4,5 ...

    03 Dec

    Turov x Gaifullin

    [pgn][Event "71st ch-RUS HL 2018"] [Site "Yaroslavl RUS"] [Date "2018.06.30"] [Round "5.17"] [White "Turov, M..."] [Black "Gaifullin, Artur"] [Result "0-1"] [ECO "B12"] [WhiteElo "2600"] [BlackElo "2448"] [Annotator "MI Renato Quintiliano"] [PlyCount "42"] [EventDate "2018.06.26"] ...

    02 Nov

    Aronian is the 2017 Chess World Cup Champion

    It's all over. And everyone already knows that the Armenian GM Levon Aronian was the great champion of the World Chess Cup 2017. Incidentally, this was no surprise to our Chess Academy team. You don't believe? Well, look: 1. In our special pre-Cup report we made a quick comment about the stars ...

    12 Sep

    Chess World Cup 2017: Second Round

    Chess World Cup 2017: Second Round The Chess World Cup continues at its  "No Country For Old Men" pace and after the second round only 32 players remain. The matches are more and more balanced, so much so that current world champion Magnus Carlsen is the only chess player with  4 wins in 4 games ...

    06 Sep

    Chess World Cup 2017: First Round

    Chess World Cup 2017 From all the chess events around the world, and we're including the World Championship here, none is as exciting, and as insane, as the WORLD CUP. That's right: INSANE. Let's think about it: the knockout model is already, in itself, synonymous of emotion - it's the instinct ...

    21 Aug

    Kasparov in Saint Louis: A Media Success

    There is no way to comment on the St. Louis - Rapid

    07 Aug

    Sinquefield Cup 2017 – 5 First Rounds

    Sinquefield Cup 2017

    07 May

    Brics Chess Masters 2017: Leitao and Fier in China

    1st Brics Chess Masters 2017: Leitão and Fier in China Those who regularly keep track of the news from the Academy have got to have noticed that: firstly, there was a certain “hiatus” in the news. In other words: a short time (more precisely these last weeks) without updating in this section; ...

    21 Mar

    Le Quang Liem Wins Vietnam Open

    LE QUANG LIEM WINS VIETNAM OPEN AND SOUTH AMERICANS HAVE GOOD RESULTS The outstandingly strong HDBank Cup International Open took place from the 11th to the 18th of this month, in Vietnam. The tournament had 236 players - divided in two categories: Masters (main) and Challengers. In the main ...

    06 Mar

    Tan Zhongyi Is The New World Champion!

    A little bit of History The first Women’s World Chess Championship took place in London, 1927, during the first Chess Olympiad, and had the Czech chessplayer Vera Menchik (1906 – 1944) as its winner. She successfully defended her title in six events: 1930, 1931, 1933, 1937 and 1939. Being one ...