24 Dec

The Top Ten Chess Players of All Time

The Top Ten Chess Players of All Time Yes I know. Lists are controversial. Nobody agrees and in extreme cases even friendships are broken. I have seen close relatives block themselves on facebook (in modern times AKA: I will never talk to you again) because one of them dared to say Cristiano ...

12 Dec

The Top 5 Blunders in Chess History

The Top 5 Blunders in Chess History

03 Sep

The 20 Chess Books That Helped Me To Become a Grandmaster

The 20 Chess Books That Helped Me To Become a Grandmaster

20 Aug

Lies And Truths About Bobby Fischer: Take The Test!

Who would you choose for dinner - alive or dead - in Paris? Be careful with the answer if you're married, dating or thinking about dating someone! Ever wondered if you could choose the company of the legendary chess world champion Bobby Fischer? Since this is not possible, you will have to ...

13 Jul

The Importance of My Chess Coaches

My Chess Trainers In The World Championship Titles

08 Apr

Top Chess Players: Bent Larsen

The Great Bent Larsen

07 Apr

A Technique to Improve Your Chess Calculation

An Important Technique To Improve Your Chess Calculation

30 Jan

How to Analyze Your Chess Games

The importance of analyzing your chess games The deep analysis of your own chess games is considered the most vital task to develop your play. Naturally, training consists of calculation and strategy exercises plus other activities, but only a keen observation of your own experience will make you ...

20 Jan

Top Chess Players: Leonid Stein

Who was Leonid Stein? Leonid Stein was one of the greatest players of the 60's. For many people, this time was the golden era of Soviet Chess. Already recognized as the best of the world (with all the World Champions since 1948), and with the sport reaching its popularity peak – chess was an ...

12 Jan

Tips for Training With Chess Engines

How to Analyze with a Computer It’s a fact that the advent of technology changed the way people study chess. In the old days, a chess player had to read a great amount of reference books, to look for tournament bulletins and search their opponent’s games (I remember the smile on my father’s face ...